Founded in 2001, Projek Raw was born from a passionate desire to create unique, free-spirited fashion for urban professionals. We embody open-mindedness and self-expression, mirroring the dynamic rhythm of city life. Our commitment to innovation has allowed us to boldly carve a niche in the fashion world.

At Projek Raw, we're more than just a fashion brand. We're a community that champions originality and individuality. Our innovative designs empower you to stand out and embrace your unique journey. Our collections resonate with creative spirits and city dwellers who set their own beat, adding vitality to urban life. Every garment we produce pushes the boundaries of style, ensuring that Projek Raw remains a driving force in the world of fashion, sparking fresh ideas and inspiring self-expression.



Our commitment to high-quality materials ensures that our clothes not only look great but also stand the test of time. From casual wear to performance gear, PROJEK RAW offers versatile options for every aspect of your lifestyle. Explore our new TECH APPAREL line, designed with moisture-wicking fabrics and innovative stretch technology for ultimate comfort and performance.

Experience the perfect fit with our meticulously tailored pieces, available in both slim and relaxed silhouettes. Browse our latest styles and exclusive collections right here on our website.

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